The European Orchid Conference and Exhibition 2022 (EOCCE2022) takes place in Roedovrehallen, a large modern sports and event facility in the community of Roedovre, a suburb of Copenhagen. Part of the conference is scheduled to be held at “Viften”, the local cultural center. Roedovrehallen is well known for sports events and exhibitions and it is close to the largest mall in Denmark, Roedovre Centrum, with about 160 shops and boutiques.

Parking options are good and free. Bus from Copenhagen Central Station runs every 20 minutes and the journey takes about 30 minutes.

The area for sale and exhibition is about 2000 m2 (20.000 sf2). There is a nice inside café also serving food with option of catering for orchid vendors and exhibitors.

Rødovre Hallen
Rødovre Parkvej 425
2610 Rødovre



roedovrehallen privat